Do Not Answer UNITED: Best Telemarketer Call Block App for iOS & Android!

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“As reviewed by the L.A. Times!”


Let’s face it. Do-not-call list does not work.

Given that government-sponsored Do-not-call lists are failing us, the best way to handle telemarketing calls is to IGNORE them.
But you want to know if it’s a telemarketer calling before ignoring a new number.

Enter ‘Do-Not-Answer UNITED’

The app is a crowd-based “Do-Not-Answer” blacklist, which will
– DOWNLOAD known telemarketer numbers from our database for your country (thousands in some countries)
– when they call, it will show it’s a telemarketer and SILENCE them with no vibration (once accordingly set)
– allow you to REPORT telemarketer numbers that we missed to our database, which will be updated to ALL OUR USERS in the same country
– add numbers to blacklist & whitelist locally on your phone

Once you set the right ringtone and vibration mode for the contact the app creates, “#_TELEMARKETERS,” you can easily ignore calls from all the telemarketers that we already have on our database.
As more people send us the numbers, even the new telemarketers can bother our users once (hopefully) throughout the user base nationwide.

Our Global Telemarketer Database

You will download about 1,000 – 1,500 maximum phone numbers of the most active telemarketers from your country for better performance.
These are selected from our database of:
– 10,000+ numbers for the US, China (Mainland), Hong Kong
– thousands of numbers for UK, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
– hundreds of numbers for 50+ countries
– smaller by growing telemarketer numbers for all other countries on the planet.

Download It Now & Block Telemarketer Calls Worldwide!

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